About Me

Hi, my name is Takuma and I work as a freelance data analyst/scientist. I hold a Master’s degree in Physics (Technical University of Vienna).

Since I was young, I have always enjoyed solving math problems. Getting insights out of data is something that I really like. I have a passion for technical data and measurement data. I would love to help you out if you have a project in those areas!
Before I started as a freelancer, I had worked for more than 7 years as a data analyst in a semiconductor company (IMS) in Vienna. I have solved many nano technology production issues at INTEL, TSMC, Dai Nippon and Samsung by analyzing big amount of production machine data and enviromental data. This experience has given me the insight to translate complex issues into solveable solutions.

On my website you can find some examples of my projects. Have fun in browsing through the content and thank you for visiting!

Do you want to work together? Please reach out to me by e-mail of LinkedIN.