Japan Photography Trip

Japan Photography Trip

Japan is one of the most amazing, beautiful and friendly countries in the world. Compared to other countries, Japan is an expensive travel destination. But with a good  travel preparation you can save a lot of money.

Accommodation is quite easy to find. I would not recommend, booking a stay in advance. It is very easy to find a cheap hotel or youth hostel one or two days before or even at the same day.  There are also tourist information near the train stations. These tourist informations offer sometimes very cheap accommodations. Go there and ask for an accommodation in your price range. Once, I was lucky and got a ryokan for under 30 dollar in Tokyo near the Ueno Park. So it is worth a try to ask.

Transportation is one of the most expensive aspects of travel in Japan. I recommend to buy a Japan Rail Pass if you are planning to visit more than one place in Japan. The JR Pass is a discounted rail ticket that allows you to use the national Japanese rail network. It is similar to the European Interrail. These passes cost 28,500 yen for 7 days, 45,000 yen for 14days and 57,700 yen for 21 days. You have to buy the ticket before entering Japan. The best way is to buy it in your home country. If you are already travelling You can buy the ticket at Japan Airlines authorised agencies.

Food in Japan is always very delicious. The japanese cuisine offers a great variety of dishes and regional specialities. Japanese food is so much more than Sushi. You should try Udon, Ramen, Soba, Okomiyaki, Hiashi Chuka, Curry Rice and a lot more. So don’t be afraid trying something new.

Photography in Japan is a big challenge. So many great architecture, interesting people, and great location. Short, Japan is a heaven for photographer. The country is very photogenic, people are very friendly and the harmony between nature and culture is impressive.

Some impressions of the beautiful Japan. Shot with my  Canon 30D and 17-85mm f4.0-5.6 lens.


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