My name is Taku and I currently live in Vienna, Austria. I am am passionate photographer and enjoy showing it to others. I studied physics and combine it with my passion for photography to immerse into a world of light and shadows. I have travelled to many far away places, created a lot of still and moving pictures for myself and others. And I’ve made it my life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards everything I endeavour. My favorite photographies are black and white. Removing colour simplifies images and allows the viewer to see the shapes, lines and form within an image that may not be obvious in a colour image. Black and white photography is more than desaturating an image. For me B&W is the purest form of photography.It is all about composition, framing and perspective.


Honorable Mentions in Photo Awards 2012 CATEGORY: PEOPLE’S CHOICE. Escaping an upcoming storm in Cambidia.

But sometimes photographs needs colors. Can you imagine a rainbow without colors?

Monks in Myanmar

Two monks walking in the morning light in Myanmar

Honorable Mentions in IPA Photo Awards 2012

„Cap dance“ submitted to International Photography Awards IPA 2012 was awarded with the Honorable Mention award.

Jellyfish in Philippines

Honorable Mentions in IPA Photo Awards 2012: Giant Jellyfish in  the Philippines

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